Zoom into Middle Kingdom Egypt: Part 1

Zoom into Middle Kingdom Egypt: Part 1

Five-week online Egyptology course starting Monday 29th June at 10.30 – 12.00, cost  £30.

Zoom back to the second millennium BC, discover the temples and tombs of ancient Egypt, and learn how Egypt fought and traded with her neighbours.

Spanning the 11th until 13th Dynasty, the Middle Kingdom is greatly overlooked but it is a time of innovation and transformation. This includes the first monumental building programme at Thebes, the creation of a new capital in the Faiyum,  a re-establishment of pyramid building and a female pharaoh on the throne!

(Mentuhotep II: Metropolitan Museum 07.230.2)

Week 1: Kingship Transformed (29th June)

Week 2: Temples for the Gods (6th July)

Week 3: Tombs (13th July)

Week 4: Afterlife Expectations including the Coffin Texts (20th July)

Week 5: Egypt’s Contact with their Neighbours (27th July)

Articles and links will be sent out each week as appropriate

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 Lectures can be booked individually, cost £6 each  

Part 1 – Week 1


Part 1 – Week 2


Part 1 – Week 3


 Part 1 – Week 4


Part 1 – Week 5