The Jewel Box of Ancient Egypt: Part 1 – Predynastic to Middle Kingdom

A series of four lectures examining jewellery from ancient Egypt in its widest sense, including acquisition and symbolism of materials, crafting, design, and context, starting on 28th October at 7- 8.30pm (UK time), cost £28.


We will be studying jewellery and jewelled objects; this incorporates weapons, cult statues, mirrors, and musical instruments.


How the ancient Egyptians acquired and worked the raw materials will also be considered. This includes a wealth of information from tomb scenes illustrating workshops. The contexts of major finds of jewellery and bejewelled objects will be explored, from the Predynastic to the end of the Middle Kingdom. The symbolism of the objects will be examined, and we will learn to read the iconography.


Articles and links will be sent out after the lecture as appropriate.


Week 1 – Materials: Acquisition and Symbolism, Metals and Semi-Precious Stones

(28th Nov)


Week 2 – Predynastic, Early Dynastic and Old Kingdom

(4th Nov)


Week 3 – Middle Kingdom – Deir el-Bahri, new forms

(11th Nov)


Week 4 – Middle Kingdom – Royal women at Lahun and Dahshur

(18th Nov)



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Tickets for individual lectures are also available at Eventbrite


Part 1 – Week 1


Part 1 – Week 2


Part 1 – Week 3


Park 1 – Week 4