Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt: Divine Landscape, Part 2

A series of five lectures focusing on the gods and goddesses primarily of Lower Egypt, considering how they were depicted, worshipped and the roles they played in the Egyptian pantheon, starting on 9th November at 10.30am – 12 noon (UK time), cost £35.

The gods of ancient Egypt were multifaceted, composed of human and animal forms, combining aspects of the natural world. They were thought to live in families, as we do, and often misbehaved! This course will consider the gods and goddesses primarily of Lower Egypt, including foreign gods, the Egyptians appropriated. How they were worshipped will be examined, including daily rituals in temples, annual festivals, and adoration in the home. How they were depicted will be considered, to reveal their powers and roles in Egyptian religion.


Week 1 – Memphite Creation Myth (9th Nov)


Week 2 – Neith, Renenutet, Bastet (16th Nov)


Week 3 – Seth and Aphosis (23rd Nov)


Week 4 – Asiatic Gods – Reshep, Baal, Astarte, Anat, Qadesh and Hauron (30th Nov)


Week 5 – The Apis Bull and Serapis (7th Dec)


A handbook with suggested readings will be provided and each week links and articles are sent out to supplement the lecture.


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Part 2 – Week 1



Part 2 – Week 2



Part 2 – Week 3



Part 2 – Week 4



Part 2 – Week 5