A Beautiful Death: Tomb Scenes and Funerary Goods of Ancient Egypt, Part 1

A Beautiful Death: Tomb Scenes and Funerary Goods of Ancient Egypt, Part 1



A series of five lectures exploring the development of tomb design and decoration in ancient Egypt, from the Old to the Middle Kingdom, starting Friday 4th September at 10.30am -12 noon (UK time), cost £35.


The primary function of the tomb in ancient Egypt was to protect the body of the deceased and ensure a supply of food and drink for eternity. Secondly, the painted decoration and grave goods guaranteed a successful afterlife by depicting correct rituals and festivals for the tomb owner. This course will examine the evolution of tomb design and decoration in collaboration with grave goods deposited in the tomb. The link between images and objects will be explored.


Week 1 – Old Kingdom Elite Tombs, Giza (4th Sept)


Week 2 – Old Kingdom Elite Tombs, Saqqara (11th Sept)


Week 3 – First Intermediate Period, including grave goods and stelae (18th Sept)


Week 4 – Middle Kingdom, regional Beni Hasan (25th Sept)


Week 5 – Middle Kingdom, regional Asyut, Meir and el-Rifeh (2nd Oct)


A handbook with suggested readings will be provided and each week links and articles are sent out to supplement the lecture.


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Part 1 – Week 1


Part 1 – Week 2



Part 1 – Week 3



Part 1 – Week 4



Part 1 – Week 5